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Continue your education today! Learn new skills to further your professional development or take a class for sheer enjoyment. Continuing Education classes are designed to work around your busy schedule. Day. Evening. Weekend. Online. Classes are available at both our Tacoma and Gig Harbor campuses!

Thanks for your interest in Tacoma Community College Continuing Education. We are in the middle of a change in our registration and payment system. Registration for our Fall classes opens on September 8. Please check back for updated registration and payment information. We appreciate your patience!

Tacoma Community College presents Write in the Harbor

Class Schedule

Fall quarter Continuing Education class offerings for Tacoma and Gig Harbor will be available to view online soon; please check back.

Personal Interest

Come explore and create! Whether your interest is in art, technology, cooking, or health and wellness, we have a class for you.


Job & Career

Obtain a certification or gain knowledge to advance your career. Get started today!


Important Dates

09/08/15 Fall quarter registration opens!

06/01/15 Summer quarter registration opens!

Look for exciting new classes starting in fall!

Harbor Institute classes are designed for active, engaged, and non-degree seeking adults who don’t want to stop learning! Classes are designed for the curious, the inquisitive, and the academically inclined – individuals seeking ongoing intellectual challenges!


Backyard farming & home skills for self-sufficient living. Harbor Homestead classes are designed to provide practical home skills rediscovered for the 21st century – be empowered to live more healthy and independently, and have FUN! We have classes from Bee Keeping to Canning, to Composting with Worms, and many more!


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